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    Sorry, I’m Not Sorry for Not Calling You Back

    We get 24 hours in one day. How is it that some people are able to maximize that time to create great wealth and success? Why is it that others struggle to even do the basics during that same time frame?

    I’ll tell you a secret – time maximizers ruthlessly and radically cut unnecessary distractions and have no problem saying “No” to people, things, and events that waste their time and energy.

    Think about all of the distractions that you encounter each and every day. Facebook messages, outrage and scare tactics from the news, seemingly urgent projects, and phone calls from people who want to “just pick your brain.”

    To break through in your life, you have to take a stance against time wasters. It’s up to you to own your schedule and do focused deep work to get the important stuff done.

    This means making hard choices. This means disappointing others sometimes. This means saying to the “I just want to pick your brain for a few moments person…”

    “Sorry, I’m not sorry for not calling you back.”

    When you’re on mission and on purpose, you simply don’t have time to waste. Other people who are on mission and on purpose will understand that. However, the difference is that you’ll actually want to talk to those people because the collaboration and energy that have will fuel your fire and keep you energized.

    Time wasters will be pissed off when you cut them off. They’ll feel hurt. They’ll call you a bad person. But, at some point, they’ll move on to finding someone else whose time they can take advantage of and energy they can sap.

    And you’ll be too busy making your mark on the world to even notice.




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    How Your Self-Worth is Keeping You Broke

    So many people have goals to “finally be financially free,” “become wealthy,” “win the lottery so that I can never work again.” No one really wants to struggle financially; it isn’t fun at all. So, how come we get caught up in wishing wealth without being able to manifest it? How come year after year financial abundance seems out of reach?

    It’s easy to blame circumstance for financial lack. But, often times, we overlook a critical component of financial success – self worth.

    Self worth is how you see yourself in the world and how you feel like you should be treated based on the value that you create. Self worth is how you treat and talk to yourself everyday. Self worth causes you to make decisions about what you are willing to accept. Self worth causes you to raise or lower your standards.

    Having high self worth doesn’t mean being entitled. Entitlement is believing that you deserve something because of “who you are,” even though you haven’t worked for it or added any value. Self worth is understanding that you values lead you to make decisions that will keep you stuck or propel you forward.

    Think about your self worth when it comes to money. Do you view yourself as a “broke person?” In your internal guiding system telling you that you are only worth taking a low-end job, living paycheck to paycheck, and keeping your financial house in disarray?

    Or, is your internal guiding system informing you that you are someone who respects and values money? You are the type of person that increases their skills to earn a high-paying job. You spend the time and effort investing in financial education because you are worth it. You are worth the abundance that financial mastery creates.

    To achieve financial success, update your internal operating system to align your self worth to be deserving of wealth. You’ll make the decisions and do the work to attract wealth, instead of only wishing for it.






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    Stop Grasping, and Start Being

    Are you being the type of person you want to be? Or, are you stuck in the energy of grasping to attain your goals?

    The subtle energy shift between being and grasping can make the journey to achieve your goals either painful or pleasant. Mastering your state and coming from a place of “being-ness” is one of the key mindset tricks of top performers.

    Let’s examine the contrast between the two.

    Grasping is the energy of lack and struggle. It’s seeing your end goal as being slightly out of reach. As such, you’re constantly “fighting your way to the top” “grinding it out” and complaining about how hard it is to get to where you want to be. When you’re caught up in the energy of grasping, obstacles seem more difficult and resources seem scarce. You may take action in some areas to build momentum, but you won’t establish the habits that you need to be successful.

    Being is the energy of flow. It’s clearly identifying the person you want to grow into, the profession you want to be in, the type of family you want to build, and acting as if you already have these things today. You are, so you live each day in harmony with want you want to achieve. You aren’t afraid to do the work because the work is it. It is who you are. If you want to be an author, you get up everyday and work on your book. If you want to build a business, you work on building the skills, resources, and raising the money that you need to be successful. It isn’t that the path is any easier, it just that you are committed to becoming better each and everyday because the person that you grow into at each and every step is worth as much as achieving the final goal.

    Grasping causes you to take massive action when you first start a project and goal, but quit when things get tough. Being causes you to chart a course where taking action everyday is the thread of who you are.

    Grasping causes you to focus on how hard things are and how the odds are stacked against you. Being causes you to celebrate growth and learn from adversity.

    Grasping causes you to make a statement like, “I want to be an actor,” “I want to start a business,” “I want to…” Being cause you to commit with statements like “I am an award-winning actor,” I am a successful entrepreneur,” “I am…”

    Grasping causes you to focus on the trappings of achieving your goal. Being causes you to focus on mastering your craft.

    Grasping makes excuses. Being makes sacrifices.

    In the pursuit of your goals and dreams, shifting into being is one of the most powerful things that you can do. Once you are committed to being, you are unstoppable.






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    How to Ask for What You Want…Now

    Imagine you are on a beautiful sunny, tropical island. Let’s call it Abundance Isle. This magical island is like no other place. As the warm air caresses your face one day as you lounge on the white sand, a sharply dressed gentleman makes his way over to your beach chair.

    “I hope your enjoying your stay on the island,” he says. “Abundance Island is a very special place. We have unlimited resources, and we have the ability to make all of your dreams come true.”

    At this point, you are super skeptical and annoyed that this dude is blocking some of the sunlight. You quickly quip, “Yea, OK buddy, what’s the catch?”

    “There is no catch the,” gentleman explains. “All you have to do is ask for what you want.”

    “Ask for what I want?” you scoff. “This is really ridiculous.”

    “Well, let’s try it out,” the gentleman responds. “What do you really want in life?”

    Ok, stop the story and pause for a second. Did you have an answer come to mind? As you so clear on your goals that you’ll have an immediate answer when the “Waiter or Waitress of Life” comes around?

    You are not alone if you don’t have an answer for, “What do you really, really, really want in life?” Most of us think of the earth as Despair Isle, instead of Abundance Isle. We’re so focused on lack and obstacles, that we don’t ever take the time to really think about what to ask for to create the life of our dreams. So, the “Waiter or Waitress of Life” stands hovering over you, blocking the sunlight, waiting for you to give some type of direction. You sit in your chair, frustrated, annoyed, and angry that the days aren’t seeming to get any sunnier.

    Not to belabor the point, but let’s put this into the actual context of a restaurant. When the waiter comes over to take your order, you tell them exactly what you want. Dressing on the side, no cheese, and substitute regular fries for sweet potato fries….and at all. Then out comes, you order. It isn’t always perfect, but the action of asking allowed you to receive. Imagine if you didn’t ask for anything. You’d have one confused waiter staring you down; he/she would eventually move on to another table that knew what they wanted.

    Get clear on what you want and ask for it today. Don’t spend another second on this great Abundance Isle complaining about what isn’t happening when you haven’t asked for things to be different. Be loud, be vocal, and let others know what you are asking for.

    It won’t be easy. It won’t be perfect. Things won’t go according to plan. And, you’ll still have to get up from your lounge chair to make things happen. But, by putting your request out there, you will have put yourself in the position to receive.







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    Far far away, behind the word mountains, far from the countries Vokalia and Consonantia, there live the blind texts. Separated they live in Bookmarksgrove right at the coast of the Semantics, a large language ocean. A small river named Duden flows by their place.

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    Far far away, behind the word mountains, far from the countries Vokalia and Consonantia, there live the blind texts. Separated they live in Bookmarksgrove right at the coast of the Semantics, a large language ocean.A small river named Duden flows by their place.

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