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Sorry, I’m Not Sorry for Not Calling You Back

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We get 24 hours in one day. How is it that some people are able to maximize that time to create great wealth and success? Why is it that others struggle to even do the basics during that same time frame?

I’ll tell you a secret – time maximizers ruthlessly and radically cut unnecessary distractions and have no problem saying “No” to people, things, and events that waste their time and energy.

Think about all of the distractions that you encounter each and every day. Facebook messages, outrage and scare tactics from the news, seemingly urgent projects, and phone calls from people who want to “just pick your brain.”

To break through in your life, you have to take a stance against time wasters. It’s up to you to own your schedule and do focused deep work to get the important stuff done.

This means making hard choices. This means disappointing others sometimes. This means saying to the “I just want to pick your brain for a few moments person…”

“Sorry, I’m not sorry for not calling you back.”

When you’re on mission and on purpose, you simply don’t have time to waste. Other people who are on mission and on purpose will understand that. However, the difference is that you’ll actually want to talk to those people because the collaboration and energy that have will fuel your fire and keep you energized.

Time wasters will be pissed off when you cut them off. They’ll feel hurt. They’ll call you a bad person. But, at some point, they’ll move on to finding someone else whose time they can take advantage of and energy they can sap.

And you’ll be too busy making your mark on the world to even notice.




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Written by Teju

Teju is a serial entrepreneur and speaker. She is the founder of Audacity Fueled and contributes her thoughts and experiences about business, success, and well-being. Learn more about Teju's companies at

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