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Stop Grasping, and Start Being

Are you being the type of person you want to be? Or, are you stuck in the energy of grasping to attain your goals?

The subtle energy shift between being and grasping can make the journey to achieve your goals either painful or pleasant. Mastering your state and coming from a place of “being-ness” is one of the key mindset tricks of top performers.

Let’s examine the contrast between the two.

Grasping is the energy of lack and struggle. It’s seeing your end goal as being slightly out of reach. As such, you’re constantly “fighting your way to the top” “grinding it out” and complaining about how hard it is to get to where you want to be. When you’re caught up in the energy of grasping, obstacles seem more difficult and resources seem scarce. You may take action in some areas to build momentum, but you won’t establish the habits that you need to be successful.

Being is the energy of flow. It’s clearly identifying the person you want to grow into, the profession you want to be in, the type of family you want to build, and acting as if you already have these things today. You are, so you live each day in harmony with want you want to achieve. You aren’t afraid to do the work because the work is it. It is who you are. If you want to be an author, you get up everyday and work on your book. If you want to build a business, you work on building the skills, resources, and raising the money that you need to be successful. It isn’t that the path is any easier, it just that you are committed to becoming better each and everyday because the person that you grow into at each and every step is worth as much as achieving the final goal.

Grasping causes you to take massive action when you first start a project and goal, but quit when things get tough. Being causes you to chart a course where taking action everyday is the thread of who you are.

Grasping causes you to focus on how hard things are and how the odds are stacked against you. Being causes you to celebrate growth and learn from adversity.

Grasping causes you to make a statement like, “I want to be an actor,” “I want to start a business,” “I want to…” Being cause you to commit with statements like “I am an award-winning actor,” I am a successful entrepreneur,” “I am…”

Grasping causes you to focus on the trappings of achieving your goal. Being causes you to focus on mastering your craft.

Grasping makes excuses. Being makes sacrifices.

In the pursuit of your goals and dreams, shifting into being is one of the most powerful things that you can do. Once you are committed to being, you are unstoppable.






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Written by Teju

Teju is a serial entrepreneur and speaker. She is the founder of Audacity Fueled and contributes her thoughts and experiences about business, success, and well-being. Learn more about Teju's companies at

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