Stop Hustling and Start Serving

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Hustling is the new black. It seems that everywhere you turn someone is in “#grindmode” or living the “hustlelife.” Proudly proclaiming that you are “hustlin’ all day everyday”on social media seems like a right of passage on the route of success. Or, a badge of honor that will land you a TED Talk (or at least a viral YouTube video).


Is constant hustle the secret to success? Do you really need to grind it out, push, shove, and what not to make it rain?

I’m calling “hustle” to the carpet. It’s starting to look a little worn and weathered. Someone needs to tell it  to get a life.

I think we can all agree – creating anything of value takes a ton of time, work, energy…and some serious balls. But, there is something about the journey from creation to realization that the whole concept of hustle doesn’t seems to acknowledge…or even care about for that matter.

Hustle means nothing if your haven’t created anything of value. Hustle is a self-serving waste of energy if you haven’t thought of who you can serve and how you will serve them.

So, before you hop on the hustle treadmill and start doing “work for works sake,” take a moment to make sure you’ve got the massive value part right before you start taking massive action. Surprisingly, you may find that when you come from a place of service, you’ll have to hustle a whole lot less to have the type of impact that you want.



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Written by Teju

Teju is a serial entrepreneur and speaker. She is the founder of Audacity Fueled and contributes her thoughts and experiences about business, success, and well-being. Learn more about Teju's companies at

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